While watering the pots in my garden , i would water the pots which had soil but no plant.

An experienced teacher observed this behaviour and said that i am wasting the water resources as well as time by watering the pots without plants.

I tried to convince her saying, i would have sowed the seed and shall await its sprouting. But the teacher was not willing to accept.

I even told probably, a bird might drop a seed and the plant will grow only if I water the pot everyday.

The teacher was very disappointed and said it was a foolish belief at times of scarcity of water.

I continued my routine of watering, and one day i saw a green tinge peeping out of the soil.

I doesn’t matter if it is grass or a plant. It will give us the oxygen and can be made productive.

Every child too has the potential. Keep motivating and initiate . One day they will raise their heads for others.